Want to help out IFT ?

The easiest way is to encourage all your friends, family, work colleagues, person next to you on the bus, anyone else you talk to, to come and see a film. Without an audience, IFT will not survive.



The two key areas where volunteers are required are;

a. distribution of the monthly programme brochure, and

b. being an usher at the cinema.


Brochure/Poster Distribution: We must let as many people as possible know that IFT is open and what films they can see!

We are looking to distribute the monthly programme brochure to as many public places as possible, pubs, cafes, restaurants, book shops, libraries, etc., and also in the workplace. Large employers such as Suffolk County Council, BT, Willis, and the not so large, are all places where brochures can be placed. This would be in Ipswich town centre, the surrounding areas, villages and communities in Suffolk.

1. We also need co-ordinators to run the network of distributors.

2. Number of distributors needed – unlimited.

3. Time needed to be a distributor – an hour or so for a day or two, once a month.


Ushers: You will be tearing tickets, showing people to their seats, helping others to negotiate the stairs and being in attendance whilst the film is being shown.

The presence of an usher at each screening is a requirement for health and safety and is therefore essential for IFT to operate.

1. We also need co-ordinators to run the rota of ushers.

2. Number of ushers needed – One/two ushers for each of the two screens per night.

3. Time needed to be an usher – up to 4 hours between 6.30pm and 10.30pm on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. You can book a regular slot or be part of a rota, according to your preferences.


You will be required to undergo a brief session of training at the Corn Exchange in order to familiarise you with fire exits and procedures and the layout of the building. Unfortunately, if you are not able to attend the course, you will not be able to act as an usher.


All and Any time that you can give will help towards keeping the films that you like to see in Ipswich. Just think, you may never have to visit Cineworld again!!


Please download and complete the volunteer form and return it to film@iftt.co.uk , with VOLUNTEER as the subject heading, as soon as possible.

Want to donate to Ipswich Film Theatre Trust?


We are a not for profit organisation who want to run a public access cinema showing those films that would not normally be screened at commercial multiplexes, such as Cineworld.


The stated objectives of Ipswich Film Theatre Trust are “to educate, entertain and inform the public by the presentation of films, by talks, lectures and courses on cinema and by related activities …”. The type of films to be shown will be those that were so well received under the ift banner; that is British, American independent, European and foreign language in all their variety and diversity.


We are run by volunteers as a community facility and, although we intend to cover our running costs through the sale of cinema tickets, there are all manner of starting up and one -off costs that need to be met before we have even opened the doors. Insurance, signage and film transport deposit are three of the major items of expenditure that need to be funded before we have sold our first ticket.


Ways To Donate:


You can send a cheque the Trust’s address, made out to Ipswich Film Theatre Trust.


Online payment to Co-operative Bank, Ipswich Film Theatre Trust sort code 08-92-99, account no. 65372731, making sure to reference your name so that we can see whom it is from.


Ipswich Film Theatre Trust is a company limited by guarantee

Registered in England and Wales, number 07031196